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Substance Abuse Testing

Providing a safe and healthy work force is one of the most important goals for all employers. Substance abuse testing is an essential part of achieving those goals. ECS Safety can help you in choosing the best testing options for your needs.

Urine Testing

Is the most commonly used form of drug testing in the work place. ECS Safety services provides 2 types of urine drug testing, Point of Collection Testing (POCT) and laboratory based drug testing.

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Oral Fluid

This form of testing is becoming increasingly popular due to its short detection period. ECS Safety Services provides 2 types of Oral Fluid testing.

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Breath Alcohol testing is a non-invasive, safe and recommended method of testing for the presence of alcohol in the body. Our industry approved testing devices offer immediate and reliable test results.

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Hair Testing

This form of testing is typically used only for very select reasons. Hair testing can provide up to a 3 month history of drug use depending on the length of hair.

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DOT & Random Selection

Employers are increasingly concerned about illicit drugs in the workplace. Besides being illegal, drug abuse is costly in many ways, from absenteeism and lost productivity to frequent accidents.

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In House Testing

In some circumstances it may be more practical for you to conduct your own drug and alcohol testing. We can offer you supplies, access to our laboratory, and medical review officers.

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Occupational Health Testing

As leaders in Occupational Health, we offer the highest quality services to meet your testing needs across Canada. For further information and a detailed listing of our services please see below.


We offer unique job specific Fit to Work and Return to Work health assessments with a focus on injury prevention.

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Pulmonary Function Testing

When an employee is working in a position which potentially exposes them to respiratory hazards it is important to monitor the employee’s lung function.

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Audiometric Testing

The measurement and subsequent tracking of an individual’s hearing is vital in maintaining workplace health and safety by analyzing the effectiveness of a hearing conservation program.

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Respiratory Fit Testing

The purpose of conducting respirator fit testing is to ensure that employees who are exposed to air borne contaminates are properly protected.

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Medical Monitoring

To eliminate administrative work on your end, ECS can track, monitor and notify you when your employees are due for testing.

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Specialized Testing

We offer a varitey of specialized services that can be performed onsite or anywhere across Canada.

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Hearing Protection Fit Testing (HPFT)

This service is conveniently available at all ECS branch offices!

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Training & Policy Development

Over our 20 years in business we have successfully introduced substance abuse prevention programs to both large and small corporations, union and non-union work forces across Canada.

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Mobile Services

You can’t afford the lost productivity, workplace accidents, or absenteeism that employee drug use causes, but you also don’t have time to send employees to an offsite location for testing.

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K9 Narcotic & Explosives Detection

Offering the highest quality and professionalism, ECS recommends Indication K9!

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