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Training & Policy Development

Over our 20 years in business we have successfully introduced substance abuse prevention programs to both large and small corporations, union and non-union work forces across Canada. We are firm believers that drug and alcohol testing combined with education and access to assistance can and does provide a safer work environment. A safe work environment means healthy and productive workers, which translates into healthy families and communities.

Drug Awareness Training

A Substance Abuse Prevention Policy is most effective when supervisors and managers are trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of substance abuse. In addition, training your employees to understand your policy is proven to enhance your Substance Abuse Program.

Recognizing Signs and Symptoms
ECS offers a 4 hour course designed to educate supervisors or managers on the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use. We provide the information and knowledge regarding testing options, standards and procedures to make the supervisor/manager comfortable with the concept of workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Employee Orientation
ECS offers a 2 hour employee orientation course designed to provide information about drug and alcohol testing, company policy, procedures and consequences of policy violation. The effects of various drugs are discussed with emphasis on alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

Online Training
ECS offers an online training drug awareness course focusing on the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and a process for supervisors to identify and resolve workplace substance abuse concerns.
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Substance Abuse Prevention Policy Development

The key to a successful Substance Abuse Prevention Program is having an effective policy. This will help reduce accidents, decrease WCB costs and provide a safe work environment. ECS has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in developing your Substance Abuse Policy to achieve the best results for your organization.

Our team has over 20 years experience in policy development and providing consultation to small employers, large corporations and government agencies throughout Canada. By providing you with the knowledge and resources, your policy has the best chance for acceptance from ownership and managers to employees in both unionized and non-unionized environments.