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Specialized Testing

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Specialized Testing

All services listed can be offered onsite or anywhere across Canada. For more information about these services, or the other services we offer, contact ECS Safety Services.

International Medical Coordination

For employees who may be required to work on international or offshore (CAPP) assignments, unique testing may be required. ECS Safety will work with the company and the employee to arrange these appointments.

Sound Level Reading

Measuring noise levels and workers' noise exposures are an important part of a workplace hearing conservation and noise control program. Our trained technicians will provide you with a Site Sound Level Reading certificate upon completion.

Respirator Health Surveillance

A health surveillance is used to determine if an employee has any medical conditions that may prohibit the use of wearing a respirator. The Canadian Standards Association recommends that prior to fit testing and respirator use, an individual should complete a health surveillance.

Mobile Chest X-rays

Mobile x-rays are a quick and reliable service that allows for you to get your x-rays done without ever having to leave the office. All X-rays will be reviewed by our physician.

Blood Lead Testing

A blood test is used to determine exposure levels for employees who may be exposed to lead. We follow the guidelines set by the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure that accurate and efficient recommendations are given.

Exposure to Asbestos, Silica or Coal Dust

A health assessment is recommended for all workers who may be exposed to harmful substances such as asbestos, silica or coal dust within 30 days of becoming an exposed worker. Annual tracking is available.

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) Development

Our health professionals will review job profiles and create PDAs based on specific job requirements and critical tasks associated with that position. ECS is also able to provide an onsite Job Demands Analysis (JDA).

Arsenic Exposure Testing

Arsenic poisoning is a growing global problem arising from naturally occurring arsenic in the ground water. A urine arsenic test will screen for this toxin.

Pesticide Testing

For workers handling organophosphate insecticides, medical monitoring can be used to check the effectiveness of control measures, to minimize exposures and to help diagnose suspected over exposure.

Health Fairs

An interactive approach to showcasing available services. This is a great opportunity to meet our team of health professionals, discover “what’s new” and get a hands on demonstration of our testing services.