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DOT & Random Selection

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DOT & Random Selection

Employers are increasingly concerned about illicit drugs in the workplace. Besides being illegal, drug abuse is costly in many ways, from absenteeism and lost productivity to frequent accidents. Random testing has proven to be a highly effective means of deterring substance abuse in the workplace and on the job site. Contact us to find out more about Non-DOT random draws or joining our DOT Consortium.

ECS Safety Services staff are well versed in the substance abuse requirements set forth by the US DOT. Whether you are a small or large employer, ECS Safety Services can manage your testing needs through our DOT Consortium or a standalone entity with its own random selection. ECS Safety Services is able to provide you with the advice and guidance to help meet the requirements and ensure you are fully compliant with the regulations.

Our highly trained staff will deliver and maintain your random testing program through the use of a computerized random selection process. Each technician will ensure that the draws are performed in a fair and unbiased manner following industry best practices. We can assist you with setting up policies and determining the random rates for your own testing program.