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ECS Safety Services offers a unique alternative to your typical Fitness to Work Health Assessments. Our job specific Fit to Work and Return to Work Health Assessments are customizable with a focus on injury prevention and employee education.


Fit to Work Assessments

Workplace safety and employee well being are some of the goals for employers. A good Fit to Work program can assist in lowering your WCB costs, reducing workplace injuries and increasing employee productivity. Our approach to conducting Health Assessments is forward thinking with an emphasis on identifying pre-existing medical conditions and evaluating an employee's current state of health.

Candidates are evaluated to ensure they can safely perform the job tasks as outlined in the Physical Demands Analysis. We use various techniques and criteria specifically designed to determine their current state of health and fitness level. Focused assessments of the back, shoulders and knees are just a few of the evaluations completed during the Health Assessment.

Back Works Logo 1000An element that is unique to our testing is the Injury Prevention Training. No matter how healthy or strong an individual is, if they are lifting improperly, lifting too much weight or twisting while lifting the likelihood of an injury is vastly increased. Our Injury Prevention Training includes practical demonstrations on a variety of subjects with full participation from each candidate. An emphasis on lifting techniques is taught to ensure each candidate is prepared for the rigors of the job position.

Return to Work Assessments

If an employee has been off work for an extended period of time due to injury or illness, a return to work health assessment can be completed. This is to ensure the employee is able to continue to perform their job tasks in a safe manner as per the physical demands of the position. We take the hassle and confusion out of dealing with multiple health care agencies and insurance companies to help speed up the process of the employee returning to work.

This assessment is a combination of an employee evaluation and documentation review. Before the employee is seen by us, we will work with you and the employee to make sure the appropriate documents are completed by the right health care professionals. We will then review the documents with the employee to ascertain their ability to return to regular duties and provide you with an appropriate return to work plan.