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Hair Testing

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Hair Testing

Hair follicle testing is growing in popularity as an option for substance abuse testing.  Hair testing can provide up to a 6 month history of drug use depending on the length of hair.   This form of substance abuse testing can accurately detect a person’s long term pattern of drug or alcohol use.  Other benefits of hair follicle testing include; inability to cheat, non-invasive, can be completed in any environment, and has a longer detection period.

Hair testing is a safe and non-invasive method of testing for drug and alcohol use. It requires a trained collector to discretely cut approximately 90 to 120 strands of hair as close to the root as possible. Hair is typically collected from the crown of the head but other head hair or body hair may also be used. Once the sample has been collected it is sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Efficient collection processes and quick turnaround times make hair follicle testing an optimal testing option. Substances that can be tested for are listed in the following graph:

Drugs tested for