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About ECS Safety Services

ECS Safety Services is a progressive full service Occupational Health company specializing in substance abuse testing, placement medicals, signs and symptoms training, policy development, industrial health testing and much more. As the leader in Industrial Health Services our skilled and knowledgeable staff provide a winning attitude to our clients and customers across Canada. A unique blend of enthusiasm and technical expertise ensure that we deliver superior performance to industries across the country. With a proven record of exceptional service since 1995, ECS offers the highest quality testing to deliver a superior product throughout our over 500 collection sites across Canada.

Ed Secondiak


After a 24 year career in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ed, along with his wife Carol, made the decision to start ECS in order to fill an industry need. What started as a retirement job quickly became a passion as ECS grew in both size and reputation. Ed is regarded as a leading expert on substance abuse policy development and signs and symptoms training across Canada. Ed has been called upon to provide expert testimony at arbitration hearings and to assist legal council on the various aspects of drug and alcohol testing.

A recipient of the RCMP Long Service Medal, the Canadian 125th Medal and the Alberta Centennial Medal, Ed is active in providing our clients with sound advice and guidance to ensure their substance abuse policies and procedures are fair and effective.

Carol Secondiak

Co-Founder & Vice President

A veteran with 40 years experience as a Registered Nurse, Carol has been instrumental in designing ECS’s Health Services Policies and Procedures. Graduating from the University of Regina in 1972, Carol’s career has taken her all over Canada from the charge nurse in Emergency rooms to outpost nursing in the Arctic. In 1995 Carol teamed up with her husband Ed to form ECS which she soon discovered was a labor of love. Carol designed, initiated and implemented a framework for the occupational health services testing that we use today.

While running ECS with Ed, Carol also took on the responsibility of being a member and past chair of the Palliser Health Authority in Alberta. She was also chosen as a member of the Premier’s Task Force on Crystal Meth and she is a recipient of the Alberta Centennial Medal.

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