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Oral Fluid

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Oral Fluid

This form of testing is becoming increasingly popular due to its short detection period. ECS Safety Services provides 2 types of Oral Fluid testing. Our staff are trained by Certified Professional Collection Trainers to the highest standard ensuring quality, accuracy and timely results. As experts in substance abuse testing ECS Safety Services can assist you in making the right testing choice for your organization.

Point of Collection Testing (POCT) (Express)

A non-invasive test which provides an instant result for substances of abuse. This form of testing is typically used in situations where an immediate result is preferred. The graph below shows your option.

Laboratory Testing

Drug laboratory testing is the preferred method in oral fluid drug testing. All lab tests are sent to a certified laboratory for analysis and then reviewed by our certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). Negative results can be known in 24 - 48 hours. Samples that require additional testing may take longer due to the confirmation and reviewing process by the laboratory and Medical Review Officer. Testing is completed following the Canadian Model guidelines and collected by certified specimen collectors. This is the most accurate and reliable form of oral fluid testing. The graph below shows your options.